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Chiang Mai From a Different Perspective


Pick up from Airport/Hotel, traveling to Baan Rai Kong Khing the community is located in Hang Dong District, just outside of Chiang Mai. Here visitors are invited to learn about and share in their local culture. Guests can enjoy Northern Thai cuisine, The local villagers of Ban Rai Kong Khing have worked together and taken a holistic approach to create a health-oriented community. By using the traditional knowledge of the villagers and blending it with modern medical practices, they have achieved a large degree of self-sufficiency. This knowledge they are happy to share with their guests. Dinner and Overnight at Baan Rai Kong Khing Homestay.


Day 2

Get up early to prepare offerings for the monks on their morning alms round. Joining the merit making ceremony, offer the food prepared and receive their blessings. After breakfast, Traveling to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Ratchaworawihan the most important temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Built in the early 19th Buddhist century,  the temple where a Chiang Saen style golden pagoda and all its exquisite Lanna architecture is situated. The view of Chiang Mai from here is just phenomenal as well. Wat Suan Dok was built during the second half of the 14th century to house a sacred Buddha relic. A monk named Sumana Thera from Sukhothai discovered a relic which was believed to be the shoulder bone of the Buddha. King Kuene who ruled the Lanna Kingdom invited the monk to Chiang Mai. The King had the Wat Suan Dok temple built to enshrine the Buddha relic. A large number of smaller white chedis contain the ashes of members of several generations of the Chiang Mai Royal Family. The ashes were brought here from several places in Chiang Mai as requested by Princess Dara Rasmi early 20th century. Lunch Khao Soi then visit Wat Phra Sing Woramahawihan, was built in 1345, It houses the North most revered Buddha statue, Phra Phuttha Sihing which is enshrined in Vihan Lai Kham, a Chapel that features exquisite woodcarvings and northern style murals. Dinner at Baan Rai Yam Yen, A nice northern-style Thai restaurant. Overnight at Imm Hotel Tha Phae


Day 3
After breakfast, checkout and departure to Wieng Kum Kam, A recently discovered ancient City believed to have been built during the reign of King Meng Rai in 1286, the city was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom until the Maenam Ping flooded and wiped out the whole city. Historians have found that Wieng Kum Kam was a slightly large city, with an inner part framed by reservoirs. Learn ‘Lanna Umbrella‘ at Umbrella Making Centre, a local handicraft of Ban Bo Sang for more than two hundred years. Until now, especially the villagers in the community ‘Bo Sang Umbrella Industry Center’ continues this valuable handicraft. It has become one of the creative works that have been recognized in meticulousness from around the world. End of Services.

LINE_ALBUM_Bo-Sang Handicrafts Centre_221030.jpg
LINE_ALBUM_Bo-Sang Handicrafts Centre_221030_0.jpg
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