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Accessible Guide Training Courses in Thailand 

Accessible Thailand Tours offers holidays in Thailand for blind and partially sighted travellers and for wheelchair users and our guide training courses ensure that all clients will be treated with skill and sensitivity and their wellbeing while in Thailand completely assured.

Our first training courses were specifically designed for guides handling blind and partially- sighted guests. The courses last for 3 days and include academic theory, and practical advice from blind people on how to give the right help at the right time, and importantly how not to overdo it. This is followed by a workshop were the participants are blindfolded to give them a sense of how it is to be blind and to understand where help will be welcomed and where it will not be wanted. On the third day the theory is put into practice by conducting a tour of Ayutthaya Historical Park for members of the Thailand Association of the Blind. More courses will be run in the future.


As we started to prepare programmes suitable for wheelchair users, further guide training was necessary so that they would be familiar with the concerns and needs of these clients too. Once we had created the first programmes in Pattaya and Ayutthaya, we ran pilot tours, on which local wheelchair users joined us, so that we could test the tours to ensure they ran smoothly and to provide the necessary training for our guides. These trips were valuable learning experiences for all of us.

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