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Holidays for the Blind in Thailand                                            Beautiful journeys of discoveries everyone can enjoy.

Thailand North to South for Blind Travellers

Thailand North to South for Blind Travellers.jpg

“Holidays for All" is our aim and we are pleased to offer, as an example, this tour of Thailand for the blind and partially sighted. This 11-day tour has been specifically designed, in conjunction with Seable Holidays of the UK, to meet their special needs and will give participants a comprehensive and rewarding taste of our country. 

Thailand’s Highlights West to East  for Blind Travellers

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Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Thailand, where vibrant culture meets the soothing embrace of nature. See, touch, taste, and feel the essence of this incredible land on our Thailand Highlights tour designed for blind travelers. Let your senses be your guide.

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